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About Us

China manufacturer Providing High quality custom packaging personalized to your brand

We could customize paper cups and paper food containers to help food service operators build sustainable, successful businesses while creating a better world.

We can be creative in packaging depending on the business industry. We offer a wide variety of custom paper products that have different shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for custom packaging according to your special need, then please come to us.

We offer Various types Quality packaging & Wrapping products!

  • Bottom closure boxes
  • Paper Cups
  • Paper containers
  • Display boxes
  • Foam insert boxes
  • Hang tab boxes
  • Auto lock boxes
  • Folding foldable boxes
  • Showcase exhibit boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Top closure boxes

Our people are our assets. It is on our people’s expertise, innovation, drive and relationships that we depend for the development and growth of our business year by year.

Jimmy Yao


Leila Chen


Kristie Brooks


Lisa Wen


Why choose to coopeate with us?

Experienced sales

Considerate sales teams.Easy communication could save your time.

Fast Delivery

We will take care each of your order.We will take photo and videos during production.

Fast Response

Any inquiry will get answer within 24 hours. We are here  7/24.

Our Services

We always help you achieve a packaging solution that best fits customers’ needs. Our expert packaging engineers will guide you through the box production process from start to finish.
Contact us for customizing boxes/cups/food containers in all shapes and sizes, matching the right solution to your own brand is particularly important for your business growing.

Box by materials

Bux board box,
Kraft board box
Cardboard box,
Rigid Box
Corrugated box…

Box by shapes

Cube box,four corner shape box,gable shape box,handle shape box,hexagon shape box,octagon shape box,pillow box,rectangular box,wedge triangular box,square box,tulip box,window box…

Box by industry

Cosmetics packaging, spirits packaging, foot& drink packaging,postal packaging,retail packaging,gift & wrapping,coffee packaging,luxury package,tea packaging…

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